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Benchmark Patisserie Australia

Specialises in high quality, beautifully presented, incredible tasting desserts and pastries. All our creations are made by our team of dedicated chefs and are then frozen to enable safe distribution to both our domestic and international clients. Products are designed around a simple “thaw and serve” concept to ensure smooth and easy service.

Although we carry a signature range, our specialty is supplying custom creations for a handful of select clients. These relationships vary from doing a single unique product, to providing the entire dessert and pastry range for our clients.

Thanks to our use of fresh and natural ingredients, the creative flair of our talented chefs, food safety programs and hand finishing, you can depend on Benchmark patisserie to supply products that you will be proud to serve to your customers.

Contact: 0407 353 830

Email: sales@benchmarkpatisserie.com.au